Support and Maintenance

Enjoy a Thorough Customer Support Experience Round-The-Clock, Whenever You Need Us.

Khaleej Apps helps you upgrade, maintain and gear your business for reinforcement and expansion through scalable solutions. Our services comprise a suite of tools and methodologies that allow you to leverage the latest and most powerful technologies. Moreover, we’re always there for you and ensure your 24/7 smooth operation.

Holistic Support and Maintenance for All Your IT Needs

Khaleej Apps delivers IT support to small and medium size businesses as well enterprises. Our aim is to maintain and modernize your infrastructure so that it is scalable and secure. We focus on ensuring quality through upgrading application structure and code quality for stability and enhanced performance.

Our tested maintenance methodology comprises the following stages:

  • Planning : We assess your systems, produce baselines and offer estimates.
  • Transition : We transfer knowledge, oversee teams and coordinate maintenance.
  • Maintenance : We fully optimize processes while introducing changes when/where necessary.

These steps allow us to support and maintain systems built by Khaleej Apps as well as those built by some other entity. Whether it’s an app you have built or an entire IT infrastructure, we remain fully committed to the idea of assessment. This allows our technicians to remain on their toes and constantly remain open to change and newer challenges wherever/whenever necessary. Moreover, we’re just a call or an email away when you need to reach out to us, and we’re LIVE and active 24/7.


How You Benefit from Our Support and Maintenance

Today’s 24/7 corporate arena demands smooth and consistent operations. Khaleej Apps ensures that your operations remain active with no hiccups, which in itself attracts volumes of praise and customer loyalty.

Khaleej Apps stands by you as your experienced IT partner, and we ensure:

  • Minimal risk
  • Cost efficient
  • Increased ROI
  • Enhance performance
  • Align with industry trends
  • Long-term objective achievement
  • Rapid response to market opportunities

We build and manage your operations, and we also serve your existing setup through conducting an initial detailed study of your business in order to formulate robust solutions that ensure scalability, agility and predictability.

Support and Maintenance Service Customer Experience from a Customer-sensitive Team

Khaleej Apps is sensitive to the customer experience of your brand. We always think of the brand we serve and the customers who are dependent on it. With this in mind, we position our mindset as though your customers directly depend on us. That way, we understand their pain and remain keen to ensure uninterrupted support and maintenance 24/7.

Our team’s focus remains fixated on the following:

  • People
  • Timeliness
  • Core values
  • High standards
  • Customer Loyalty

Khaleej apps loves to serve all its new and existing customers with exquisite customer care and maintenance services. Some of our customers are those who have used our service and have chosen to continue with us, while many others have exclusively selected our support and maintenance services. Contact Khaleej Apps now to avail services that are truly about making your business better and more valuable.



Coronavirus (COVID-19) Alert!

Dear Customer, due to COVID-19 an as a measure of abundant caution, our offices will operated with reduced staff. However, this is to ensure that you will continue to received high-quality services from our end. Our Email support is available from 9am to 5pm to assist you. Thank you for your cooperation