Doodling is so much fun, especially when it is taken to a whole other level by the simple use of the Doodle Studio. The fun app has something to offer everyone, download and use to doodle as much as they like. And that is not to mention how much simple doodling can help get your creative juices really flowing!


Developed on Objective C using Xcode

Play And Share

Created using the iOS Objective C only, the Doodle Studio app not only allows users to doodle to their hearts content, but also connect with friends during the same. Import a picture doodle and upload on Facebook or Twitter.

Let’s Doodle!

Play around with colors of your choice, let it be in between your long meetings or taking a boring lecture, a great app to get you scribbling. Unleash your creative side and here is great doodle pictures born! We have designed an interface easy to use yet simply soothing to eyes.



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