A hybrid app designed with the aim to facilitate you in driving the car of your dream within affordable price. ART CAR is a rental car app facilitating customers to rent the car of their dream, with the feature of calculating rental charges as per your choice and destination and duration of rent.


Developed on Objective C using Xcode.
Developed on Java using Android Studio.

Options And Features

ART CAR is a native app that is designed for both iOS and Android users to help them calculate the rent a car by specifying the date, time, location and duration of rent. The app is designed using Objective C and Java.

Let’s Rent Your Dream Car!

The app stands out for its mobility and the customized solution it is offering to its consumer. Currently, it is cratering consumers in Florida and Miami offering the car of your choice, at your time, and seamless rental experience with exceptional UI/UX.



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